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Bubble Umbrella

Hello and welcome to my Bubble Umbrella blog!
In this mini blog I will talk about my passion - bubble type umbrella. In this post I have put together a beautiful collection of stylish fashion bubble umbrellas and added a few links in case you will decide to buy one of these lovely umbrellas!

What is Bubble Umbrella and what makes it so unique?
If you have never seen Bubble Umbrella before and wonder "why the hell this girl dedicated her whole blog to some kind of umbrellas?", well you will understand my passion for them very soon!

Umbrellas have been in fashion for decades with various designs and styles. We all know how looks the good old wooden umbrella or style steel and cotton cloth ones, but among them there is a unique "Bubble Umbrella" with the clear plastic covering instead of cloth or nylon and more hemispheric in design which gives bubble appearance look and feel.

I have over 20 different and unique design bubble umbrellas in my collection and every time it rains I bring one of my bubble umbrellas out with me and guess what? It makes me feel young again and reminds me my childhood! They always make my day brighter.

These bubble umbrellas are a real eye catcher. Generally they are made of clear or transparent plastic, but often they can be of different color patterns and with various art works on them. Printed with Spring Flowers, Shamrocks, Green Trim, Heart String, animals, fishes, cheerful ladybugs and many more.

The round or circular design is most common, but there are also ones that are square in shape. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it, but I hope to find some in the feature to show you how they actually looks.

Practical side

Not only the design and graphics makes them unique. In a practical side, being mostly transparent, it allows for sun light to come through and you will be able to see your way much better.

What I like the most about the transparent bubble umbrella is, that it let's you to enjoy the beautiful view above your head and you will never feel dark and depressed ever again!


Kids love Bubble Umbrella

As we know, kids love interesting and colourful things, so it's not a suprise that bubble umbrella, with a unique/attractive design and shape, become very popular among them. The bubble umbrella comes with either manually or automatic opening spring systems. And there is even the ones that will close and open with a press of a button! Combine all these elements together and you will get a brilliant gift item for kids.


I do hope that my post was useful for you. Click here - Buy Bubble Umbrella to choose and buy your Bubble Umbrella!

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