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Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes

Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes

Hi guys, this is my review of Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes. Enjoy!

About Totes..
Totes ISOTONER is without doubt one of the largest maker of umbrellas in the world. They have been around since 1942. Their name is well known all around and always stands for quality and value. Totes also produce other weather related accessories, such us gloves, raincoats and rubber overshoes.

Clear Bubble Ulbrella for kids..

After a huge success with the adult clear bubble umbrellas, Totes decided to make one of their adult products exclusively for kids. That was a brilliant move, because everyone knows that kids just love bright, unique and anime style stuff and this is what Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes is all about.

Today Totes offers "in clear", "clear pink" and "clear blue" umbrellas designed for kids. All of them are unique and has a full all around protection and the clear canapy which allow kids to see and be safe.

As you can see from the picture above, Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes is pretty deep, so it keeps kids head & shoulders always dry.

Canopy opens to 39.5 inches and folds to 25.5 inches. That means your kid will have 13 inches of headroom providing extra rain protection while allowing to see clearly!

One of the amazing thing about this umbrella is that no matter how hard the wind blows it will NEVER turn inside out! That will make sure that your kid is always dry and safe no matter what the weather condition is.

The price is only $11.

Where to buy?
You can by it here.

P.S. We encourage you to do all the research you can and read customers reviews before you make a final decision. Good Luck!