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Bubble Umbrella

Hello and welcome to my Bubble Umbrella blog!
In this mini blog I will talk about my passion - bubble type umbrella. In this post I have put together a beautiful collection of stylish fashion bubble umbrellas and added a few links in case you will decide to buy one of these lovely umbrellas!

What is Bubble Umbrella and what makes it so unique?
If you have never seen Bubble Umbrella before and wonder "why the hell this girl dedicated her whole blog to some kind of umbrellas?", well you will understand my passion for them very soon!

Umbrellas have been in fashion for decades with various designs and styles. We all know how looks the good old wooden umbrella or style steel and cotton cloth ones, but among them there is a unique "Bubble Umbrella" with the clear plastic covering instead of cloth or nylon and more hemispheric in design which gives bubble appearance look and feel.

I have over 20 different and unique design bubble umbrellas in my collection and every time it rains I bring one of my bubble umbrellas out with me and guess what? It makes me feel young again and reminds me my childhood! They always make my day brighter.

These bubble umbrellas are a real eye catcher. Generally they are made of clear or transparent plastic, but often they can be of different color patterns and with various art works on them. Printed with Spring Flowers, Shamrocks, Green Trim, Heart String, animals, fishes, cheerful ladybugs and many more.

The round or circular design is most common, but there are also ones that are square in shape. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it, but I hope to find some in the feature to show you how they actually looks.

Practical side

Not only the design and graphics makes them unique. In a practical side, being mostly transparent, it allows for sun light to come through and you will be able to see your way much better.

What I like the most about the transparent bubble umbrella is, that it let's you to enjoy the beautiful view above your head and you will never feel dark and depressed ever again!


Kids love Bubble Umbrella

As we know, kids love interesting and colourful things, so it's not a suprise that bubble umbrella, with a unique/attractive design and shape, become very popular among them. The bubble umbrella comes with either manually or automatic opening spring systems. And there is even the ones that will close and open with a press of a button! Combine all these elements together and you will get a brilliant gift item for kids.


I do hope that my post was useful for you. Click here - Buy Bubble Umbrella to choose and buy your Bubble Umbrella!

If you have something to say - please contact me.


Clear Bubble Umbrella

Clear Bubble Umbrella

After receiving some great feedback from my visitors who really seem to love the site and content, I have decided to start and do some in depth reviews on each of the Bubble Umbrella. Today I will start with the Clear Bubble Umbrella and will include the following:

  • My first Clear Bubble Umbrella
  • Clear Bubble Umbrella Design and Structure
  • Kids and the Clear Bubble Umbrella
  • What else should I know about the Clear Bubble Umbrella?

My first Clear Bubble Umbrella

My first expierience with the Clear Bubble Umbrella was 6 years ago when I've started to collect my lovely umbrella collection (Today I have 13 umbrellas!). This type of umbrella always looked so very trendy and stylish. I have always been fascinated by the classic umbrellas so it was just a matter of time when it will be in my great collection, plus the umbrella priced under $20. Which I think is very cheap for such a great accessory.

So, finally my umbrella arrived! My first thoughts was "Yea, I can't wait to try!".
Finally the opportunity arrived, on June 21 it was a rainy day here in LA and for me it was the day that I've been waiting for to try my Clear Bubble Umbrella out!.

Clear Bubble Umbrella Design and Structure

The first think I've noticed, that the Clear Bubble Umbrella comes to you in a transparent canopy and designed so that you can see a clear view - no matter what the wheater is. The Umbrella provides visibility even when you're walking against a driving rain! TESTED! :)

The Clear Bubble Umbrella is the only type of umbrella that can help to create a shield for your complexion from the hot sun, the wind and rain and of course the harmful poluttants and atioxidants that are floating around you.

With a classic "J" shaped durable plastic handle it is easy to carry. Very handy! Umbrella also comes with a sturdy vinyl canopy and reinforced steel ribs.

The Clear Bubble Umbrella is deep, so it will keep your head & shoulders dry. The most popular size is: 25 x 8" ribs L: 35".

Kids and the Clear Bubble Umbrella

The Clear Bubble Umbrella comes in many designs, shapes and sizes and some of them are aimed specifically for children. I know that kids love them not just because of the bright colours, transparent canopy and anime style umbrella shapes, but because there are even ones that will close and open with a one press of a button! If you are looking clear umbrella for your kids, see my review on Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes.

What else should I know about the Clear Bubble Umbrella?

I think the most important thing on this umbrella is that no matter how hard the wind blows this umbrella will NEVER turn inside out! Personally, I have never experienced that kind of a thing.

I hope this review was usefull for you and if you really thinking of buying one of these wonderful clear bubble umbrellas, click here to choose and buy one for you!.

Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes

Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes

Hi guys, this is my review of Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes. Enjoy!

About Totes..
Totes ISOTONER is without doubt one of the largest maker of umbrellas in the world. They have been around since 1942. Their name is well known all around and always stands for quality and value. Totes also produce other weather related accessories, such us gloves, raincoats and rubber overshoes.

Clear Bubble Ulbrella for kids..

After a huge success with the adult clear bubble umbrellas, Totes decided to make one of their adult products exclusively for kids. That was a brilliant move, because everyone knows that kids just love bright, unique and anime style stuff and this is what Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes is all about.

Today Totes offers "in clear", "clear pink" and "clear blue" umbrellas designed for kids. All of them are unique and has a full all around protection and the clear canapy which allow kids to see and be safe.

As you can see from the picture above, Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella by Totes is pretty deep, so it keeps kids head & shoulders always dry.

Canopy opens to 39.5 inches and folds to 25.5 inches. That means your kid will have 13 inches of headroom providing extra rain protection while allowing to see clearly!

One of the amazing thing about this umbrella is that no matter how hard the wind blows it will NEVER turn inside out! That will make sure that your kid is always dry and safe no matter what the weather condition is.

The price is only $11.

Where to buy?
You can by it here.

P.S. We encourage you to do all the research you can and read customers reviews before you make a final decision. Good Luck!

Who Invented the Umbrella?

The first basic umbrella was invented a very long time ago, about over four thousand years ago. The first evidence of umbrellas came from the Egypt, Assyria, Greece, China artifacts and ancient art.

At first these ancient umbrellas or more likely parasols were designed to provide shade from the sun. The first country which waterproof their umbrellas for use as rain protection was Chinese.

What the term "Umbrella" means?

Word "umbra" from the Latin root means shade or shadow.

In the 16th Century the umbrella became very popular to the western world, especially in the rainy weather of northern Europe (UK, Ireland, Estonia, Poland). At first the umbrella was considered only an accessory suitable for girls and womens. But later, Persian traveler and writer Jonas Hanway proved that umbrella suits for gentelmans too. He carried and used an umbrella publicly in England for 30 years which clearly showed that can be used by mens too. After this Hanway experiment, English gentelman often reffered to their umbrellas as a "Hanway".

James Smith and Sons

The very first umbrella shop was called "James Smith and Sons". The shop opened in 1830 and after 180 years it's still located at 53 New Oxford Streen in London (England).

Those Umbrellas in the shop were made of wood or whalebone and covered with alpaca or oiled canvas.

After 22 year in about 1852 Samuel Fox, a manufacturer of women’s corsets, had lots of steel corset ribs left over and came up with the idea of using them for umbrellas. He also a founder of "English Steels Company".

When in comes to design, the basic umbrella design has stayed mostly the same for thousands of years. And today it looks just much more modern.

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